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In the online Implementation Boot Camp we'll tell you exactly what to do and exactly how to implement it step-by-step. You'll also learn what's new and changing and how to use it to your advantage to get the most leads at the lowest possible cost. All that will be left to do is to "turn it on" and automatically flood your fitness business with new clients.

Steven Eckert

Owner of Peak Physique

"This is my 4th time here, because each time it's been helping me scale my business like crazy"

"I'm looking to open another location this year."

Trami Thi and Rob Grupo

Owners of Twice Bitten Crossfit

"This is my 2nd time here, and it's really allowing me to understand my ad budget and ad spend, so that I'm not just shooting in the dark"

"Fitness Marketer is always on the cutting edge...I'm excited about inserting a lot of creativity and techniques that nobody else in our region is doing, which gives us a lot of edge on our competition"


About The Online Implementation Boot Camp

From: Jeff Sherman, Fitness Marketing Expert & Co-Founder of

About: Fitness Marketer Online Implementation Boot Camp

When: It's designed to be completed in a week, but you can go at your own pace.

Where: In the convenience of your home, office, Starbucks, or anywhere you want.

Alright, so enough of you have asked for us to take the Implementation Boot Camp online, and that's exactly what we did! Bedros, Carlo, Jacky, and I personally created a 40+ level Reality Game that will set up two client generating funnels, ads, and auto-responders - so that by the time you complete the game your funnels are live and getting you new leads, prospects and clients.

Here's how it works...

​You are going to spend a week playing Implementation Boot Camp Online game by designing, building, and IMPLEMENTING your marketing and sales funnels – beginning to end.

Here’s how we are going to explode your fitness revenue in just one week….

In the first two stages in the game we are going to help you integrate the top fitness marketing tools.

You're going to get 2 of our best performing Low Barrier Offer templates that you can can import into your Click Funnels account.

Which we'll show you exactly how​... A $2000 real cost!!!

Literally TRANSPLANTING THEM from my account into yours.

(All this is going to be done in the first couple of levels) ​

Check Out A Few Of Our Most Recent Testimonials...

Trevor Munoz and Manny Cortez

Owners of Unleashed Strength Gym

"I learned how to optimized Funnels and all the little nuggets as well as Content Marketing"

"Before the weekend is over you have a Funnel and an Ad going and making money before you get home"

These are tested and proven Low Barrier Offer Sales Page Templates designed by us with unique and compelling sales copy PROVEN to drive clients into your gym, studio, or bootcamp.

In the game we’ll go through your funnel step-by-step and help you customize it so that it’s unique to you and your business.

But that, my friend, is only the beginning.

I’ll also give you all 3 of my top email extracting opt in pages. Again, these will be automatically added to your account (no work on your part) and together we’ll customize it to fit your business and training program.

These email opt in pages are POWERFUL! You can literally just turn them on and get 100, 200 and even as many as 450 brand new emails from TARGETED prospects in a SINGLE WEEK.

I’m not done... Not even close.

You’ll want the #1 fitness email marketing platform in the world in your corner to keep these new prospects engaged and automatically (and effortlessly) building your authority power and “know – like – trust” factor in your community.

6 months of FitPro Newsletter

So we will hook you up 6 months of FitPro Newsletter added to your account and load it up with my best performing auto-responders that indoctrinate and convert. A $402 Value!!! 

Together we’ll go through your entire funnel, step-by-step and implement these client getting magnets into your business.

Once we do that, we’ll show you when to use them and in what order so that all you have to do is “turn them on” when you want more clients.

It’s that easy…we will show you how to easily turn them on and off, just like a faucet, whenever you want more clients.

6 months of the Fit Clients Accountability Software

You are also going to want the #1 software that automatically holds your clients accountable to their weight and fat loss goals.

So we are also going to hook you up with 6 months of the Fit Clients Accountability Software. A $119 Value!!! 

We will teach you how to leverage Fit Clients to make it easier to close sales, increase your retention, and stimulate referrals.

Testimonials are the #1 thing you can do to increase conversions on any landing page or offer.

So we will also teach you how to use Fit Clients to easily collect before and after pictures.

6 months of Fitness Marketer Lab

We are also hooking you up with an entire 6 months of Fitness Marketer Lab, The fastest growing community of kick ass fitness entrepreneurs!!!

That's a real cost of $232!!!

Get access to Me, Bedros and Jeff inside the FM Lab Facebook Group. Not only us, but the other 400 highly successful fitness business owners as well.

You will be hard pressed to find yourself in a situation that someone else in the group hasn't already been in and found a solution too.

Just take a second and read the testimonials on this page and you will see just how powerful this group has become!

Funnel Templates from Fitness Marketer

We're still not done... We are also giving you exclusive access to purchase all of our funnel templates from Fitness Marketer.

These templates are proven to convert and are not available to purchase unless your an implementation boot camp member or alumni.

This includes any future templates we build...

Value = Priceless!!!

Bonus Level: How To Leverage Facebook Messenger Ads Using Many Chat

Discover to build another Channel or Audience to build your Fitness Business using Facebook Messenger.

How would you like to get 98% open rates on all your messages for your Low Barrier Offers and Promotions? 

We will show you exactly how to do that in this Bonus Level.

Value = Priceless!!!

Bonus Level: Totally Done-For-You 6-Week Transformation Challenge System

One of the hottest Funnels on the market right now is the 6-Week Transformation Challenge where your clients get paid to lose weight.

We've been running this Funnel since 2011 and have perfected it from start to finish.

In this Level you get all the Done-For-You ad copy, creative, phone scripts, auto-responders, follow-up, and sales systems to help you CRUSH this offer. 

Value = $16,000.00!!!

And while all that’s all extremely cool and will increases your profit exponentially, it’s not even the best part: You get exclusive training from the #1 copywriter in the fitness industry…


Bedros Keuilian will be sharing his top sales copy writing secrets that have generated over $50,000,000 in personal training and boot camps clients.

These closely guarded techniques are usually reserved to his one-on-one coaching clients that pay him as much at $25k per day.

But during the Sales Copy Level - they will be shared with you.

You’ll discover how to write compelling and engaging headlines, offers, and promotions for your website, in your emails, and on Facebook so that you can literally extract clients on demand.


In the game Jeff will teach how leverage the back-end of the Funnel help you maximize your Facebook Ads ROI.

That’s right – your going learn Jeff's Onboarding secrets to converting more prospects into clients, his famous Non-Close Close, and his social media Content Marketing Strategy to start creating your Brand Authority presence.

Your also going to learn how to triple your distribution channels by creating Custom Audiences and a Facebook Messenger List.​


In the Click Funnels Levels, Carlo will be teaching all the ins and outs of Click Funnels. After this, you will save countless hours trying to integrate and customize your funnels.

He will show you all of his tricks and hacks to make your funnel look professional and convert.

But here’s the thing… We are keeping this workshop deliberately small.


In the Facebook Ads Levels, Jacklyn will show you step-by-step how to send traffic to your Funnel, from choosing the Campaign Objective, Target Audience, Ad Budget, Ad Placements, and Creative.

Additionally, she will show you how to set up various types of ads from Messenger Ads, Lead Ads, Conversions Ads and more!

As a bonus Jacklyn ​also covers how to use Pixels and set up custom audiences for retargeting.

Register Now - Limited Space!

( Registration open until all 20 spots are taken)


Spots are limited. We are only taking the first 20 people right now.

Check Out A Few More Of Our Testimonials...

Josh Gillingham

Founder of Superior Athletes

"It's called the Implementation Boot Camp for a reason. You implement it while you're there."

"I can model what works already instead of reinventing the wheel."

"I'll have up to 10 new locations in the next 5 years."

Stacey Cutler

Founder of Fit For Life Personal Training

"In 3 days I had a 5 page sales funnel, launched a Facebook ad and within a week I had 75 new sales!"

"I also got over 200 new Fit Pro Newsletter Opt Ins at the same time!"

So to ensure that everyone who is enrolled get's through the game, we will be hosting a LIVE webinar every Thursday to make sure you have implemented our insanely effective sales funnels and answer any questions you may have. 
We are only accepting the first 20 people.

This is a pure Online Implementation Boot Camp where your build a funnel with our top performing campaigns in the convenience of your home or office. This step-by-step game will help remove all the tedious and frustrating "tech stuff" and all you have to do is just tweak the copy templates and press "go".

Here's everything you're going to get...

The top 2 Fitness Marketer Low Barrier Offer sales page templates 

Plus the funnels will be set up and turned on for you.

And 3 proven opt-in forms (set up & ready-to-go).

$2,000 Value

6 Months of FitPro Newsletter added to your account.

$402 Value

6 Months of Fit Clients Accountability Software

$119 Value

6 Month Subscription to Fitness Marketer Lab

$232 Value

Done for you Facebook Ads & Images

$500 Value

Exclusive access to purchase our Templates


Bedros's Copywriting Shortcuts, Group Close, and Monster Follow Up systems

$5,000 Value

Jacklyn's Facebook Ads Training

$5,000 Value

Jeff's Onboarding, Non-Close Close, Content Marketing Systems and Strategies

$5,000 Value

Carlo's Funnel Conversion Secrets For Fitness Professionals

$5,000 Value

Bonus Level: How To Leverage Facebook Messenger Ads Using Many Chat


Bonus Level: Totally Done-For-You 6-Week Transformation Challenge System

$16,000 Value​

(Total Value:  $36,753.00)

The investment is normally $3,999, but if you use the 

Promo Code: FIRST20

it will only be one payment of $3,499 and that includes everything listed above…

We also have 1 Surprise BONUS that we’re going to give you that’s going to make a HUGE impact on your fitness business.

Over a $1,000 Value!!!

​Spots are limited. We are only taking the first 20 people right now.

While I can’t tell you what the Surprise Bonus is, I can say that it will make you one happy (and profitable) trainer when you enroll!

An online workshop with 4 of the industry’s top marketers giving away their best done-for-you marketing systems doesn't come around often, and never will again (at least at this low price.)

If you are ready to drive more leads to your site, capture more emails, make more sales and take your business to the next level this is an opportunity you do not want to let pass you by.

Enroll now below before all spots are taken!

-Jeff Sherman

P.S. In the future this same workshop will go up in price by at least another $1,500 – so take advantage of this deal while you can for almost half off which is why we have it priced at only $3,499. Just click the link down below to enroll today. Due to the amazing price of this workshop and the unique online nature, I expect this to sell out quickly.

So get ready to get your fitness business dialed in for massive success.

Spots are limited. We are only taking the first 20 people right now.